About Us

 Those Girlss  is a creative collective of women stylists, creative directors, models, artists, and community leaders who are dedicated to coloring the world with our vision of unity and sisterhood through fashion, beauty, art and music. 

 Based in Cincinnati, Ohio and Los Angeles, California. Those Girlss was founded by long time friends Asia and Jade in the Summer of 2012 . After college graduation Asia and Jade thought seriously about what they truly wanted to accomplish in life. With support from one another, they decided that from their shared love of vintage, fashion and entrepreneurship that they wanted to start a fashion brand and from that Those Girlss was born. 

                               (Jade)                                                                           (Asia)      

Our mission is to create a fashion brand that is above trends and to provide one of kind, unique high quality goods.  Those Girlss is modeled around empowerment and is a place where other female artists can come together to unite, collaborate and find support. 

Let's create! Contact us for collaborations.

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